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We are bringing together the best Archery resources on Ask About Sports including tournament listings and recommended gear.


A comprehensive list of tournaments updated frequently.

Recommended Gear

A thorough analysis of the best archery products.

Archery Targets

3D Archery Targets

Bows for Beginners

Bows for Kids

Bows for Hunting

Archery Rangefinders

Archery Releases

Is Archery a good workout?  Find out here.

Below are other resources on the Web such as federations, clubs, rules, venues, articles, and news.

Archery Federations of the World

Where to find the official Web sites of all of the national archery federations, continental archery confederations, and the International Archery Federation.

Wikipedia Introduction to Archery

Article with facts general information about archery.  Includes the sport’s history, equipment, shooting techniques, form, aiming methods, physics, hunting with a bow and arrow, and modern competitive archery.


News Groups and Bulletin Boards


Directories of Archery Web Sites
Open Directory of Archery Web Sites

Open Directory of Archery Shopping Sites

Archery for Kids Open Directory

Other Archery Web Sites
World Wide Archery Links

Archery Information Resources on the Web

Trubal Archery Links

Archery Books
Professional Archery Technique

(Kirk Ethridge)

Archery Anatomy
(Ray Axford)
Instinctive Archery Insights

(Jay Kidwell)
Pocket Guide to Target and Field Archery

(Ron Cordes)
Know the Sport: Archery

(John Adams)
Steps to Success: Archery

(Kathleen Haywood)
Basic Guide to Olympic Archery

(US Olympic Committee)

Archery Magazines
Archery Focus Magazine

Bow Hunter Magazine

Glade Magazine

Inside Archery Trade Magazine

Instinctive Archer Magazine

(back issues only)
Primitive Archer Magazine

U.S. Archer Magazine

Other Target Sports

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