Best Archery Arm Guards: How to Avoid String Slap

If you’re just getting into archery, you’ve probably heard of arm guards or even seen someone wear one while shooting. And arm guards are often a mandatory requirement in most competitions.   But are they really necessary?  You bet, so let’s discuss the best archery arm guards and why you need them.

What does an Arm Guard do?

Most pros out there have heard the term ‘string slap’. And if you haven’t, it’s when the string of the bow hits your arm or your wrist during a shot. This can really sting and even cause bruises over time.

Now, string slap can occur due to poor form or as a result of the anatomy of the archer’s body. The best way to protect your arm, and improve your form without getting injured, would be to get an arm guard. As an added bonus, arm guards also keep your sleeves from getting in the way of a shot.

That’s why even some of the very best archers always wear an arm guard when they’re out shooting and even during practice. You should really consider getting one too as it can help improve your performance over time and allow you to practice long hours without worrying about string slap. Here’s a list of the best archery arm guards.

Allen Company Mesh: Best Value Arm Guard

The Allen Company Mesh Arm Guard provides excellent value for the price you pay for it. It’s priced in the low-mid range and is extremely flexible and lightweight, thanks to the materials used and the ergonomic design of the arm guard.

The straps can be adjusted quite snugly to ensure a secure fit, however, users have complained that the straps tend to come loose over time, which can be quite a hindrance during a long practice session.

While the mesh and straps make for an excellent investment, this arm guard works best for beginners and amateurs, who will probably not be spending as much time at practice.

SAS :  A Perfect Arm Guard for Hot Climates

The SAS arm guard definitely sets the bar for arms guards quite high by combining functionality, comfort, and durability all in one product. This piece also comes in two sizes, an 8-inch model and a 11.5-inch model, and is perfect for taller archers with longer arms.

This piece even has multiple vents on the surface, allowing for more air to flow to your arm during practice. This makes it ideal for archers living in hotter climates or for those who enjoy long, intense practice sessions throughout the year.

The straps and buckles are designed to allow an archer to quickly remove and fasten the guard as well, which is quite convenient.

Max Arm Guard:  Best for Archers with Long Arms

The Archery Max is perfect for passionate archers who love the culture of archery and the feel of being an archer. It’s got a sleek, old-school look and it’s great for archers who are more into longbows or recurves, as it can add that traditional appeal to your game.

The lacing on the outside of the arm ensures a snug secure fit, and actually helps support the arm during practice. So if you’re recovering from an injury and just getting back, the Archery Max is the perfect arm guard to help ease into the sport again.

To add to the appeal, this guard comes with protection for your thumb, which also means that each piece is designed specifically for left or right handed users.

The only drawback (and it’s really not so bad considering the benefits it offers) is that the closed design can leave your arm feeling hot and sweaty after a long session.

Bear Archery Arm Guard

This 6-inch arm guard has a really classic appeal and is quite the favorite among many pro archers. It’s covered in two layers of leather, which makes it sturdy and gives your arm that extra support while holding the bow.

The double-leather design makes the arm guard quite durable, but unlike other leather arm guards, this piece also allows for easy breathability. This is thanks to the easily adjustable and open strap design on the back that allows for a variety of forearm sizes.

There are only two things to consider when buying this arm guard:

  • It’s only 6 inches in length and too short for beginners, novices, and archers with long arms

  • Like most leather arm guards, this one is fastened using metal bolts that tend to come loose after heavy use

Of course, it’s quite easy to fix the bolts in place with the right equipment, so that shouldn’t really be a point to consider when purchasing this arm guard.

Tarantula Youth Guard:  Best for Kids

The Tarantula Youth Arm Guard is quite lightweight and the mossy oak design it comes with gives it a really professional, field-archer look.

However, there’s a difference between adult arm guards and youth arm guards and this model is definitely for kids and younger teens. It’s not made to withstand constant wear and tear, which is actually perfect for kids, considering most kids only wear arm guards at the practice range and not otherwise.

Another great feature of this arm guard is that it’s secured with plastic buckles, which prevents the regular chafing that can happen over time with elastic or straps.

It’s an Easy Decision

While arm guards do come in all shapes and sizes, the market today is so specialized that you’re sure to find one that suits your level of skill perfectly.

This makes the decision of ‘which arm guard to buy’ a lot easier. So take into account your current level of skill and where you’re headed with archery and make an informed decision before getting the best archery arm guard for you.  If you also need help finding an archery release, click here.

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