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There are over 30 activities that start with B.  On this website you can find information about the sports of backpacking, badminton ballooning, bandy, baseball, basketball, baton twirling, battledore and shuttlecock, beach volleyball,biathlon, bicycle polo, bicycling, billiards, bird watching, BMX biking, boating, boball, bobsledding, bocce, bodyboarding, bodybuilding, boomerang, boules, bowling, boxing, bridge, broomball, bull fighting, bungee jumping, and buzkashi.

All “B” Sports:

Backpacking Backpacking is one of many sports beginning with B.  Backpacking involves carrying a pack on your back while travelling through the wilderness.

Badminton Badminton is one of many olympic sports that start with B.  The game involves two (singles) or four  (doubles) players and is played a rectangular court.

Ballooning Ballooning involves travelling in a hot air balloon.  It is also a competitive sport where participants try to get as close as possible to targets set on the course.

Bandy Bandy is one of many activities that start with B.  It is similar to hockey as it is played on ice with sticks. The stick used in Bandy is bowed so it is different than hockey. The ball is smaller and more like a field hockey ball.

Baseball Baseball is a popular sport among kids and professionals.  It is also played through out the world.  Information on ball parks and organization can be found when you visit the link above.

Basketball Basketball is played with 10 players on a court at the time.  The goal is to score in your own basket while preventing the other team from scoring in their basket.  More information on leagues and organizations throughout the world.

Baton Twirling

Battledore and Shuttlecock

Beach Volleyball


Bicycle Polo



Bird Watching

BMX Biking















Bull Fighting

Bungee Jumping


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