All About Buzkashi

A general introduction to the sport of buzkashi and where to find
buzkashi resources on the Internet.
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Wikipedia Introduction to Buzkashi

Article with information about Buzkashi rules, equipment,
players, and forms of the game.

The Afghan National Sport of Buzkashi

A general introduction to the sport and the different
types of Buzkashi games.

The Fierce Afghani Game of Buskashi

Photos and a description of the Afghani national
game, Buskashi.

The Ancient Game of Buzkashi

An article by Larry Lambert published at Afghan-Network.net.

Buzkashi: An Afghan Tradition Thrives

A 2002 article by Lucian Kim in
the Christian Science Monitor.

APO Description of Buzkashi

A description of the Afghanistan game of Buzkashi,
including its history, legends, equipment, clothing,
and traditions.

Larry Lambert Buzkashi Article

Article by Larry Lambert about the ancient game of Buzkashi
on the “Afghan Network” (afghan-network.net) Web site.

Afghanistan Online Buzkashi Article

Article with descriptions and diagrams of the Afghani
sport of Buzkashi, on the Afghanistan Online” (afghan-web.com)
Web site.

Directories of Buzkashi Web Sites

Open Directory of Buzkashi Web Sites

Yahoo Directory of Buzkashi Web Sites

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