Sports Beginning With “A”

Sports that Start with A are listed below.  This includes the sports of adventure racing, aerobatics, aerobics, aeromodelling, aikido, air sports, airsoft, archery, arm wrestling, association football (Soccer), astronautics, athletics, Australian football, and auto racing.  See also Sports A to Z .

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Sports that Start with the Letter A

Adventure Racing Adventure racing is a sport where participants navigate the wilderness.  Activities included in adventure racing are running, kayaking, and biking.  It is a team sport where the course is unmarked and it may last for two to 14 days on average.

Aerobatics Aerobatics is a sport involving flying maneuvers and is often performed in front of a crowd.  Gliders, airplanes, and some helicopters are vehicles used in the sport.

Aerobics Aerobics is a sport which became very popular in the 1970’s.  It involves performing exercises, stretching, and dance moves to music.  Aerobics also provides health benefits in the form of cardiovascular improvement , strength training and flexibility.

Aeromodelling Aeromodelling is an activity that starts with the letter A.  It involves flying model airplanes but also includes designing and developing model aircraft.

Aikido Aikido is a modern Japanese martial art.  It teaches participants to defend themselves without hurting their attacker. Plus, it incorporates religious beliefs and philosophy.

Air Sports Air Sports starts with A and is made up of many different activities.  It includes Aeromodelling,  Amateur-Built and Experimental Aircraft, Ballooning, Drones, General Aviation, Gliding, Hang Gliding, Microlights and Paramotors, Parachuting , Paragliding , Power and Glider Aerobatics, Rotorcraft , and Space.

Airsoft Airsoft is a team sport where the participants shoot pellets in a combat situation.  It is similar to paint ball but players use replica Airsoft guns and pellets.

Archery Archery is a sport that start with the letter A.  Participants shoot an arrow at a target.  When an arrow hits a bulls eye it results in the highest point total.  Archery is  a word that begins with arc.

Arm Wrestling Arm wrestling is a contest between two opponents where they put their elbows on the table.  Participants then lock their fingers together.  The winner of the competition is the first one to force their opponent’s arm to the table.

Association Football Football is one of the most popular sports in the world.  Most nations call it football with the exception of the U.S. and Canada where it is called soccer.

Astronautics Astronautics begins with A and involves travelling outside of the Earth’s atmosphere.  Historically space flights were all launched via NASA in the U.S.  However, space flight is being privatized so others can go to space.

Athletics Athletics has multiple components and is considered to be a part of track and field.  Athletics involves running, walking, throwing, and jumping.

Australian Football Australian football or Aussie rules football is a contact sport played with 9 players on each team.  The game is played on a modified cricket ground.

Auto Racing Auto Racing is a sport that starts with the letter A.  Common types of auto racing include drag racing, Formula One, and stock cars. 

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