All About Airsoft

A general introduction
to the sport of Airsoft and resources on the Web such
as federations, clubs, rules, venues, articles, and news.
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Airsoft Introduction

Wikipedia Introduction to Airsoft

Airsoft Organizations

American Airsoft Association

American Airsoft Practical Shooting Federation

More Airsoft Resources

Open Directory of Airsoft Web Sites

Yahoo Directory of Airsoft Web Sites

U.S. Federation of Airsoft Standards and Training

An organization formed to influence United States
legislation relating to the sport of Airsoft and
also to conduct airsoft instructor training courses.

Planet Airsoft

Airsoft articles, product reviews, events, a forum,
and a photo gallery of airsoft weapons and players.

Airsoft Players

Site includes a chat room, gun reviews,
classified ads, and a forum.

More Airsoft Web Sites

Airsoft Chat

Airsoft Forum

Airsoft Network

Airsoft Recon

Airsoft Retreat

Unconventional Airsoft

More Airsoft Resources on the Web

Air Soft Players Directory

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