Sports Beginning With “Q”

An alphabetical index to all of the information on this Web site about sports beginning with the letter “Q”. Includes information about the sports of quad roller skating, quad speed skating, quik cricket, and quoits. See also Sports A to Z.

All “Q” Sports:

Quad Roller Skating
Information about the sport of skating on old fashioned 2×2 quad roller skates. For more about skating on wheels see Inline Skating and for information about skating on ice see Ice Skating

Quad Speed Skating
Articles and information about roller skates and the sport of roller skating on traditional quad roller skates.

Quik Cricket
Informatoin about the sport known as “Quik Cricket”.

The game of Quoits involves players throwing rings made of steel or rope over a spike. There is also an indoor version of Quoits that is played on a table.

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