Information about sports, athletes, competitions, international sports federations, and national sports federations around the world.  Also includes information about more then 200 sports from huge international sports such as football, rugby, hockey, cricket, tennis, and golf to niche sports such as arm wrestling, broomball, dog sledding, dragon boat racing, lumberjack games, and lawnmower racing.

Introduction to Sports by Name

An alphabetical index to more then 200 sports practiced around the world, organized by letter of the alphabet.
Includes everything from “A” (adventure racing) to “Z” (ziplining).

Pictures of Sports by Name

Our sports photo gallery includes photographs of more then eighty sports and new pictures are added frequently.

Sports Federations of the World

Where to find the official Web sites of the international, continental, and national sports federations of the world,
organized by sport, by continent, and by country, territory, or autonomous region.
Sports by Location

Information about sports in many different countries around the world and sports on every continent, including Africa, Africa, Europe, Oceania, and the Americas.
Sports A to Z

An alphabetical index to sports practiced around the world, organized by letter of the alphabet.
Sports Topics

Information about general sports topics such as coaching, sports medicine, training, doping, sports careers,
legal issues, safety, and more.
International Games

The Olympics, Paralympics, Special Olympics, Pan American Games, X Games, Gay Games, and
other international and regional games.

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