Adventure Racing

All About Adventure Racing

A general introduction to the sport of adventure racingl
Including how to get started in the sport and adventure
racing clubs, events, schools, Web sites and organizations,
around the world.

Adventure Racing

Adventure Racing by Continent

Information about adventure racing and adventure
races in Africa, Europe, and Pan America.

Adventure Racing by Country

Resources related to adventure racing in many
different countries organized by location.

Adventure Racing Events

Adventure Racing Organizations

Adventure Racing Web Sites

Wikipedia Introduction to Adventure Racing

Article with information about adventure racing types,
lengths, disciplines, formats, rules, checkpoints,
transition areas, teamwork, equipment, safety,
and how to prepare and train for an adventure race.

Getting Indo Adventure Racing

Article published on te Web site of the
Adventure Sports Journal.

Getting Started in Adventure Racing

An introduction to the sport of adventure racing
by event producer Frontier Adventure Racing.

Adventure Racing A to Z

An alphabetical index to all of the information on
this Web site about adventure racing.

Adventure Racing Shop

Our adenture racing gift shop includes equipment and supplies
for adventure racing athletes and fans.

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