All About Backpacking

A general introduction
to the sport of backpacking. Includes resources on the Web such
as federations, clubs, rules, venues, articles, and news.
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Wikipedia Introduction to Wilderness Backpacking

Article with information about recreational wilderness backpacking,
professional wilderness backpacking, winter backpacking,
food and water issues, backpacking skills and safety,
backpacking with animals, and information about related activities.

Wikipedia Introduction to Travel Backpacking

Article with information about very low cost, independent
traveling with a backpack and very little other luggage.

The Backpacker

Articles and information about Backpacking including
Backpacking trails, a beginner’s guide, equipment
required. Also includes tips, how-to’s, and Backpacking
trip reports.

Backpacking Light

How to pack as light as possible for
a backpacking adventure, by Charles Lindsey.
Includes general guidelines and gear packing

Backpacking Europe

General information about backpacking in Europe
plus country-specific directories of hostels
and backpacking resources.

Euro Trip

Articles and information about backpacking and
budget travel in Europe. Includes information about
back packing in Europe plus hostel reviews,
train and bus pass information, and a forum.

Backpacker Magazine

A hard-copy magazine focused on backing in North America.
web site includes a large database of reader-submitted
GPS-generated maps of backpacking trails.

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Open Directory of Backpacking Web Sites

Yahoo Directory of Backpacking Web Sites

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