Bicycle Polo

All About Bicycle Polo

A general introduction
to the sport of Bicycle Polo and resources on the Web such
as federations, clubs, rules, venues, articles, and news.
There are two main types of bicycle polo, traditional bicycle
polo, which is played on grass, and hardcourt bicycle polo
which is played on a paved court.

Bicycle Polo

Wikipedia Introduction to Cycle Polo

Article with information about cycle polo, a sport also known
as bicycle polo and bike polo. Includes information about
traditional bicycle polo, hardcourt bicycle polo, the history
of bike polo, and information about the European bike polo
championships and the International Bicycle Polo Championships.

Wikipedia Introduction to Hardcourt Bike Polo

Includes general information about the game of hardcourt bike polo
and information about bike polo equipment, courts, and events,
including the North American, European, and World Championship events.

Bicycle Polo Around the World

Information about bicycle polo in Australia,
Canada, France, Germany, India, the Netherlands,
the United Kingdom, and the United States.

Bike Polo Events

Information about the 2010 European Hardcourt Bicycle
Championships in Geneva, Switzerland and the 2010 World Hardcourt
Bike Polo Championships in Berlin, Germany.

Bike Polo Web Sites

Where to find general information bike polo
Web sites and blogs on the Internet.

Rules of Bicycle Polo

History of Bicycle Polo

World History of Bicycle Polo

More History of Bicycle Polo

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