Best 3D Archery Targets For Hunting Practice

Practice makes perfect” is a cliche that works for most people. But if you want to be a pro archer, you’ve got to up the game by changing your motto to “perfect practice makes perfect”.  Using bull’s eyes for archery practice will definitely improve your accuracy, enhance your skills, and strengthen your form. But to know how good you really are with a bow, you’ll have to set up your practice to mimic a real-life situation.  And what better way to do this than to get yourself the best 3D archery target, to add that edge of realism to your practice. Due to the asymmetry of 3D targets, using one during practice will give your brain a clearer idea of how to plan your shot when you’re in the wild.

Most 3D targets even have the vital organs marked out on the surface of their bodies so you can learn exactly where to shoot when it comes to the real deal.  But how to decide which is the best 3D archery target for you? The target you’re looking for will differ based on your budget, equipment, and the type of game you’re after. So here’s a list of 3D targets that can help you decide which one works best for you.  More detail follows the chart.

1. Rinehart Woodland Strutting Turkey: A Perfect 3D Archery Target for Accuracy

Weighing in at just 10 pounds is our first target from the reputed Rinehart targets. These guys have a great reputation for durability and you can rest assured this 3D target will be able to handle quite a few shots.

This target is great for all archers as it’s a lot smaller in size and practicing with it can help improve your accuracy immensely. Turkeys have really good eyesight as well and it can be difficult for an archer to creep up on one without being noticed. This 3D target can help you devise clever ways of concealing yourself when you’re approaching a turkey to avoid spooking it and spoiling the shot.

2. Field Logic GlenDel Full Rut Buck: Best Long Life 3D Archery Target

The price of this beauty recently dropped to around $150 and it even comes with a replaceable insert core now!

The best part about this target is its long life which is thanks to the fact that the insert core is 4-sided and highly durable. The midsection itself comes with a map of all the inner vital organs so you can see just how effective your target practice really is.

This life-like piece comes with polyfusion technology resulting in a uniform compression on the surface of the target, making it easier to remove arrows.

Field Logic even guarantees over 1000 shots of practice, which is a lot more than most other 3D archery targets in the same price range.

3. Delta Howling Coyote: Best Realistic 3d Archery Target

Hunting predators is always a dicey, exciting, and slightly dangerous expedition to embark on. But if that’s what you’re into, then getting a life-like version of one can really help calm your nerves when you meet the real thing in the wild.

The target weighs about 14 pounds making it easily transportable and allowing you to set up a variety of different scenarios to practice in. It even comes with self-healing foam so you don’t have to worry about wearing it out too much with excessive practice. This coyote can handle broadhead, field tip, and even expandable arrow tips, so you’ve got a wide range to work with.

The Howling Coyote is priced moderately at around $160, but it’s so realistic that it can double up as a watchdog and keep small, unwanted animals and birds out of the yard.

4. Rinehart Peccary Boar

A word of caution before handling a real boar – you’ve got to really put in time during archery practice and nail your shots. Feral boars are tough, mean, and extremely powerful animals and you wouldn’t want to take one on lightly.

They’re packed with muscle and quite often charge at hunters even after being shot. However, they can be brought down, and using this target for practice can help.

Of course, it’s a little smaller than the real-life pig, but it can really help you work on your approach and how to conceal yourself and tackle the real one when you have to.

This target is made primarily of easy-pull polyfoam, allowing arrows both carbon and aluminium, to be pulled out with relative ease.

5. Morrell Bionic Buck 2

While Morrell usually makes block targets, this is one 3D target of theirs you should definitely consider. This particular model of theirs comes with four killzones, giving you a wider range and a little more freedom during practice.

You can practice on this 3D archery target with both broadheads and field tips. However, if you’re interested in just using broadheads during practice that’s fine too. This model is made super sturdy and set up for just that kind of damage.

6. Delta Mckenzie Aim Right Bear

This mid-priced target is for all those brave bear hunters out there getting ready for next season’s hunt. Of course, this target is also a great way to add some variety to your target practice and switch up the 3D course you’ve designed at home.

Of course, hunting a bear is far from an easy feat, and you want to be extra cautious and careful when going about it in the wild. Practice with this archery target so you can create enough strategies to sneak up on a bear before you’re in position to take a shot.

This model is great for both field tips and broadheads, giving you a chance to up your skills with both types of arrows.

Do What Works for You

All of the 3D archery targets here are high-quality, durable, and perfect for taking your archery practice to the next level. But, as mentioned earlier, the price range, equipment, and type of game you’re after will ultimately determine the kind of 3D target you need.

So before getting too excited and buying the one that catches your eye, give it some thought and choose one that best fits your needs based on the criteria mentioned above. Make it a worthwhile investment and watch your archery practice evolve to the next level by choosing the best 3d archery target.  For information on other types of targets, click here.

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