Best Archery Targets for Practice: Block, Bag and 3D

Archery targets are quite versatile, and if you’re really into archery and trying to get better at it, it is important to choose the best archery target. There are a few things you have to consider when buying an archery target. First, you will need a target that is long-lasting and arrow resistant so that you can shoot as many times you want without it leaving holes. You will also want a target that is cooperative and easy so that whenever you pull out the arrows, you can easily remove it without having to put in the extra effort.

There are different types of archery targets, and each has different properties. If you want help in purchasing the right archery target for your archery activities, you should take a look at some of the best archery targets mentioned below. Most of these targets are easily available on online stores, and each has a description of their properties, so you don’t have to worry about choosing the wrong one.  Here’s a quick review before jumping into the detail.

Types of Archery Targets

Foam Layer Block Targets

Foam layer block targets are a certain type of archery target that are lightweight, and you can easily carry them from one place to another. These targets are made out of high-intensity foam and are very arrow resistant as it uses friction instead of force to stop the momentum.

The only drawback of using this type of archery target is that the removal process. It becomes extremely hard when there is a heavy draw weight and you have to observe the shooting angle constantly.

Mentioned below are the different foam layer block targets available:

Morell Double Duty 450FPS:  Best Foam Archery Target

This is one of the best foam layer targets in the market. It is super lightweight even though it may look heavy to carry, and it’s also small in size. The best part about this product is that it is very portable. It has two handles on the edges, making it easy for you to carry it around or even hang it on a strong surface like a tree.

Each face of the bag has an interesting feature, including a deer’s vitals, four painted faces with bull’s eye, and a dartboard. If you’re a type of archer who likes to keep shooting constantly, this is the perfect archery target for you as this can handle as many arrows flowing through without leaving any big holes.

You can easily keep this target on the floor too as its quite stable due to its square shape and thickness feature. If you’re conscious about the appearance of your target, this is the best for you if you want something bright and visible. 

RinehartA 18-1: Best Pattern Archery Target

This is another type of foam block target made out of some durable materials, as it is perfect for your practice sessions. This can take in both field points and Broadhead shooters. There are fewer chances of the target getting damaged as it heals itself even if it has to bear a high-speed flying arrow.

You can easily carry this as it weighs only 20 pounds. The best part about this target is its unique design. This design helps to improve your shooting skills also. The removal process of arrows is also easily done as the target is quite foamy, and due to that, it’s much more long-lasting. The markings and dark color help to improve your shooting accuracy and makes the target more visible.

Bag Targets

Bag targets are another type of archery target made out of cotton and other synthetic materials. These targets are cheaper compared to other types of targets and are perfect for beginner archers. Bag targets are perfect for field points as broadheads are very less likely to stay in the target. This is the best target for your summer practice sessions as they often have a bigger shooting surface.

Mentioned below are the different bag targets available:

Morell Yellow Jacket Supreme3: Best Bag Archery Target

This archery target has one of the strongest targets in the market as it has the capacity to handle thousands of arrows without causing any damage to the strong cover. The bag has a very strong appearance due to the bold dark colors present on the bag. This bag has two sides, one for a learned experience and one for an experienced practice session.

The best part about this target is that it comes with a replaceable cover, so if you’re an extreme shooter and notice any damage in the cover, you can easily change it there and then. You can use this target for both indoors and outdoors, and as it has two handles, it is easy to shift from one place to another. 

3D Practice Targets

3D practice targets are the best targets for practicing. These targets help you to improve your hunting skills and allow you to achieve the best practice sessions. You can find these targets in different animal shapes to improve your hunting experience. However, these targets are not very long-lasting and tend to wear out soon.

Mentioned below is an example of one 3D practice target.  Click here for a full review of 3D Archery Targets.

Glendel Buck 3D Archery Target: Best 3D Archery Target

This 3D archery target is perfect for both field tip arrows and broadheads. It includes different designs of animal parts to improve your hunting experience. The target has four different surfaces, so for each practice, you can use a fresh side.

This product includes a pollyfusion technology, which makes it much easier to remove the arrows. The best part is that you can easily replace the core, which makes this product cheaper compared to other archery targets. This target is made out of quite high-quality material and will ensure to provide you with some amazing hunting skills.

Final Words

If you love archery, these are the best archery targets for you. However, before purchasing these read the description carefully and see which best suits your archery needs.  When you have enough practice time using archery targets, you may even want to check out some nearby competitive events.

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