Review of the Best Bows for Hunting

The thrill of shooting your bow and hitting your target is one of the best feelings ever. Archery enthusiasts understand the sense of achievement that comes with this game. Whether you are an experienced archer or a beginner, having the right equipment for archery is necessary for your game. If you are interested in hunting, you would want your bow and arrow to be of the best quality. Here, we have reviewed the five best bows for hunting to help you choose the right one for you.

Southwest Archery Samick Sage Bundle:  Best Package

As an archer, you would want to make sure to survive any challenge. If you are looking for a complete package to get all the archery essentials, here is something for you.

This bundle by Samick Sage has a 62-inch bow, B-50 bowstring, a stick-on arrow rest, and a stringer tool. The maximum draw length of this bow is 29 inches. If you require a longer length, you get an extra Southwest Spyder XL. This bowstring gives a fair brace between 7.5 and 8.25 inches.

The riser has several layers of hard maple. It also features a clear coating that protects it from humidity, perspiration, and other climatic conditions. This feature is worth considering as it can be hard to maintain the quality of riser in extreme conditions.

This is a fairly reasonable bowstring bundle for both beginners and experts. If you are looking for the latest modifications, you should check some costly options. Otherwise, this alternative is probably worth your consideration.

Spectre Compact Takedown Bow: Best Bow for Hunting for Beginners

The draw weight for the bow ranges from 35 to 55 lbs. Depending on the model, the draw length ranges from 24 to 27 inches. The riser is made out of metal, so it’s stronger and sturdier compared to others. However, the metal riser may get rusty if you don’t take proper care of it.

The design and color can help hunters to camouflage themselves in the dark. The limbs comprise a mix of fiberglass and resin. The resin material is coated with a black finish. This way, the bowstring remains impervious for the prey to notice you.

The other impressive feature is the ease of assembly. You don’t need any fancy tools to set up the bowstring together.

The bow also has a nylon case with a shoulder strap. This provides ease of carrying to the hunter. The case has enough room to keep bow, string, and arrows.

Overall, this bowstring is a perfect choice for beginners. It is good enough for experienced archers too, but some may not prefer the shorter bow size. The riser is highly durable but may get rusty. With a shoulder strap case, this whole bundle offers great portability.

Bear Cruzer G2: A Perfect Bow for Hunting if not on a Budget

Bear Archery is one of the best selling manufacturers of bowstring for archery and hunting. The Cruzer G2 is the best flagship compound bow by Bear Archery.

Users agree that the Bear Cruzer G2 is a highly versatile bow. You can adjust its varying length according to your requirements. You can set its draw lengths between 12-30 inches. The range is impressive as well, boasting between 5 to 70 pounds. This is an ultimate archery bow for beginners and experts alike. It is best for beginners who want to learn and become expert archers.

Although Cruzer G2 is pricey, it comes with a variety of benefits that only a few bows have. Unlike most compound bows, you can easily attach it to an Allen wrench. You also don’t need to buy an extra bow press to use this Cruzer G2.

There are six essential accessories. There is a four-pin sight, five-arrow quiver, whisker biscuit arrow rest, stabilizer with sling, nock loop, and peep sight. Its Endura-Fiber limbs are not only sturdy; they look very sophisticated too. The limbs, together with the twin cams, give a very smooth draw with 70% let-off.

Anyone willing to pay more to get an ultimate archery or hunting experience must get their hands on Cruzer G2.

SAS Rage Archery Bow:  Best Bow for Hunting on a Budget

Being on a budget doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy your hobbies. You don’t have to abandon archery just because you think you can’t afford it. This is the best compound bow you can get on a budget.

If you shoot occasionally and want something that works well with a low price range, get the SAS Rage Archery Bow. The adjustable draw length ranging from 26 to 30 inches is pretty fair. The draw weight ranges from 55 to 70 pounds. The total weight of 4.4 pounds makes this bow a bit heavier, but it is fair for its price. Also, this bow can be noisy, so you may need to get a silencer for it.

The SAS Rage is hard to beat for its value. If you don’t mind a heavier bow that requires extra maintenance, this can be a good choice for you.

Samick Sage

We will begin with something for the novice archer. If you are new to archery, you want something that provides ease of use and convenience. Here is an amazing survival bow to help polish your archery skills. The archer bow from Samick Sage is one of the easiest bows you can get your hands on as a beginner. It offers great value for money and smooth performance.

The riser on this bow is hard maple, along with laminated Olive Dymondwood. There are several options for you to choose the draw weights. You can pick any from 35lbs to 55lbs, whatever best suits your physical attributes.

Young adults or petite female shooters should opt for the 35lbs model. When choosing the draw weight, it is necessary to keep your stamina and body type in mind.

If you want something for serious hunting, a rule of thumb is that heavier bows work better for hunting. 40 lbs are perfect for hunting deer. If you are interested in hunting an elk or achiever animal, get one between 50 and 55lbs.

The only downside is the bowstring. The string can be too long. You may need to twist it to get the right brace height. Otherwise, this bow offers effective performance at such a great price.


Here were our five picks for archery bows. Regardless of your experience, these are enough options to choose according to your requirements and budget.  Be sure to check out options for 3d targets as well.

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