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A general introduction to the sport of roller hockey and where to find
roller hockey Web sites on the Internet.
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Inline Hockey

Inline Hockey

Rink Hockey

Rink Hockey

Street Roller Hockey

Street Hockey

Wikipedia Introduction to Roller Hockey

Article with general information about roller hockey, including
competitive roller hockey, roller hockey tournaments, and some
of the differences between inline roller hockey and quad roller

Inline Roller Hockey

The sport of hockey played on inline skates
using a puck. Players typically wear uniforms,
helmets and padding similar to ice hockey players.

Rink Hockey

The sport of hockey played on traditional quad roller skates using
a ball. Players dressed more like soccer
players then ice hockey players and they typically do not wear
helmets at international competitions. The sport is usually
called “hardball hockey” in North America but it is usually called rink
hockey in Europe, South America, and Asia.

SkateLog Roller Hockey Forum

A forum for discussions about roller hockey.
One of 12 inline skating and quad roller skating
forums at Ask About Skating.

Directories of Roller Hockey Resources

Open Directory of ? Web Sites

Yahoo Directory of ? Web Sites

Pick-Up Roller Hockey

Santa Monica Beach Street Roller Hockey

There are pick-up street hockey games Monday through
Friday on Santa Monica Beach in Southern California.
Many of the world’s top pro ice hockey players join
these games when they are in town. You never know
who will be there!

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