Rink Hockey

All About Rink Hockey

A general introduction to the sport of rink hockey and where to find
rink hockey Web sites on the Internet. Rink hockey is also known as
hardball hockey, rink roller hockey, and sometimes quad roller hockey
because it is most often played on quad roller skates.
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Rink Hockey / aka Hardball Hockey

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Names by Which the Sport is Known

Ball and cane hockey, ball hockey, hardball hockey, hockey pista,
hockey skids, hockey sobre patines, hoquei em patins, hoquei sobre patins,
hockey su pista. international hockey, quad hockey, quad skate hockey,
international style ball hockey, rink hockey, rolhockey roller hockey,
rollhockey, and traditional roller hockey.

Wikipedia Introduction to Hardball Hockey

An introduction to the sport of hardball hockey,
including information about how the game
is played, the rink layout, and required equipment.

Inline Hockey vs. Hardball Hockey

The differences and similarities between
these two forms of roller hockey.

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