Inline Hockey

All About Inline Hockey

A general introduction to the sport of inline hockey and where to find
inline hockey Web sites on the Internet.
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Inline Hockey

Wikipedia Introduction to Inline Hockey

Article with a description of inline hockey and information
about how the game is played,
the transition from quad skates to inline skates,
the difference between inline and ice hockey,
and information about inline hockey
history, equipment, penalties, officials,
tactics, figts, periods, overtime, playing surface,
and governing bodies.

Inline Hockey vs. Hardball Hockey

Article explaining some of the differences between
inline hockey, a sport played on inline skates using a puck,
and traditional roller hockey played with a ball and
usually on quad roller skates.

Inline Hockey vs. Ice Hockey

Article by George Pickard explaining some of the differences between
inline hockey and ice hockey. Published on the official Wseb site
of the United States roller Sports Federation.

SkateLog Hockey Forum

Free, online, forum for discussions about inline hockey
and other types of skate hockey.

Inline Hockey Organzations

International Roller Sports Federation

Inline Hockey Web Sites

Inline Hockey Central Dot Com

Directories of ? Resources

Open Directory of Roller Web Sites

Yahoo Directory of Roller Hockey Web Sites

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