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Sports in Europe

Articles and information about sports in Europe. Includes information about sports organizations in Europe and about sports in European countries. See also Sports by Country, other Sports by Continent, and Pictures of Sports

European Sports

European Sports by Region
Information about sports on the European continent organized by region. Includes sports in Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Northern Europe, and Southern Europe.

European Sports by Country
Sports in Albania, Armenia, Andorra, Austria, France, Germany, Greece, Iceland, Ireland, Portugal, Russia, Serbia, Spain, Switzerland, Turkey, the United Kingdom, and other European countries, territories, and Autonomous regions.

Sports With the Most European Federations:

Basketball (48)
Cycling (47)
Gymnastics (47)
Shooting (48)
Soccer (48)
Swimming (47)
Table Tennis (47)
Taekwondo (47)
Tennis (48)
Track and Field (48)
Volleyball (47)

Sports Organizations in Europe:

Do It In Europe – Sports in Europe
Information about sports in Europe on the “Do It In Europe” Web site. Includes sports organizations in Europe and information about European sports organized by by country and by sport name.

Directories of Sports in Europe
– Open Directory of European Sports and Recreation
– Yahoo Directory of European Sports and Recreation

All Europe Travel Guide

Sports by Continent

Pictures of Sports

Sports by: Country | Name | Type

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