All About Shooting Sports

A general introduction to the sport of shooting and where to find
shooting sports resources on the Internet.
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Shooting Sports

International Shooting Sports Federation

World governing body for shooting sports.
Recogognized by the International Olympic Committee.
Site includes rules and information about disciplines,
scoring, and shooting events.

International Practical Shooting Confederation

Continental Shooting Federations

National Shooting Federations

Shotgun Sports Resource Guide

A directory of products and services related
to shotgun sports including places to shoot,
fish and game departments, and a forum
for shotgun sports discussions.

Firearms Advocacy Groups

Organizations formed to support and develop shooting
sports and advocacy groups for the right to bear arms.

Canadian National Firearms Association

U.K. National Rifle Association

U.S. National Rifle Association

Target Shooting

Information about skeet shooting, an introduction
to the sport of target shooting, a database
of target shooting facilities, and safety tips.

Other Shooting Sports Disciplines

Rifle Shooting

Pistol Shooting

Running Target Shooting

Shotgun Shooting

Directories of Shooting Web Sites

Open Directory of Shooting Web Sites

Yahoo Directory of Shooting Web Sites

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