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A general introduction to the sport of gymnastics and where to find
Gymnastics Web sites on the Internet.
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Wikipedia Introduction to Gymnastics

Disciplines of Gymnastics

Wikipedia Introduction to Gymnastics

Article with general information about gymnastics and information about the sport’s
disciplines, apparatus, events, forms, history, and appearance in popular culture.

International Gymnastics Federation

the “Federation Internationale de Gymnastique” is
the international governing body for the sport of gymnastics.
Recognized by the International Olympic Committee.

International Gymnastics Hall of Fame

An institution founded to honor elite gymnastic
athletes. Site includes bios of hall of fame honorees
since Olga Korbut was inducted in 1988.
Located in Oklahoma City USA.

International Gymnist Magazine

The Web site for this hard copy magazine includes
gymnist interviews, a calendar of events and TV
coverage, and a forum.

Directories of Gymnastics Resources

Open Directory of Gymnastics Web Sites

Yahoo Directory of Gymnastics Web Sites

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