All About Varpa

Facts and general information about the ancient Viking sport of varpa
and where to find varpa and varpa throwing resources on the Internet.
Includes a description of the spot plus, articles,
videos, the federation governing the sport, and local varpa clubs.
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What is Varpa?

Varpa is a type of


founded in the Viking Age
that is still practiced on Gotland Island and in other parts of Sweden.
I have heard there are also emerging varpa communities in France and Latvia.
Varpa is somewhat like



disc golf

except the participants throw a heavy, flat disc
a distance of 15 to 20 meters.

Description of Varpa Throwing

Varpa throwers heave a disc (known as a varpa)
fifteen to twenty meters along a course marked by
sticks in the ground at each end. The object of the
sport is to throw the varpa in such a way that it
lands as close as possible to the stick at
the end of the course. Each player throws 36 times
and the distance from the stick is measured after
each throw. The player with the shortest total distance
after 36 throws is the winner. There are several
variants with different rules, some individual sports,
some team sports, some male-only, some female-only,
and some in which men and women play together.

Varpa Organizations

Where to find the official Web sites of varpa clubs,
associations, federations, and other organizations
related to the sport of varpa.

Articles About Varpa

A collection of varpa articles on the Internet.
Includes English language and Swedish language varpa

Videos of Varpa

YouTube videos of varpa tournaments and varpa throwing.

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