All About Horsehoes

A general introduction to the sport of horseshoe pitching and where to find
horseshoes Web sites on the Internet.
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Horseshoes and Horseshoe Pitching

Wikipedia Introduction to Horseshoes

Article with general information about the sport of horseshoes.
Includes how the game is played and scored and
rules according to the National Horseshoe Pitchers Association.

National Horseshoe Pitchers Association

A confederation of horseshoe pitching clubs
in the United States and Canada. The association
develops rules and standards and organizes
leagues and events.

Tingsryds Horse Shoe Club

A horseshoe pitching organization based in Sweden.
Inlcudes information about Swedish and
international horseshoe leagues and competitions.

Alberta Horseshoe PitchersAssociation

A horseshoe pitching club based in
the Canadian province of Alberta.

Directories of Horsehshoes Resources

Open Directory of Horseshoes Web Sites

Yahoo Directory of Horseshoes Web sites

iSportsDigest Horseshoe Pitching Directory

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