All About Snorkeling

A general introduction to the sport of snorkeling and where to find
essential snorkeling resources on the Internet.
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Snorkling Introduction by the BSAC

An introduction to snorkling from the British Sub-Aqua Club.
Includes first steps, snorkling games and activities, advice,
where to get training, a shop, and a forum for snorkling

Snorkling Vacation Checklist

A checklist of things to pack for a snorkling holiday.

Bog Snorkling in Wales

A snorkling competition that takes place in the trench
Waen Rydd Peat Bog near the town of Llanwrtyd Wells
in Wales, United Kingdom.

Places to Snorkle

Grand Cayman Island Snorkling Guide

Hawaii Snorkling Guide

Boy Scouts of America Snorkling Badge

Requirements to qualify for the snorkling badge
issued by the Boy Scouts of America. Not that
BSA snorkling patch is worn on the swimsuit, not
on the boy scout uniform.

Directories of Snorkling Resources

Open Directory of Snorkling Web Sites

Yahoo Directory of Snorkling Web Sites

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