Scuba Diving

All About Scuba Diving

A general introduction to the sport of scuba diving
and diving resources on the Web such as sailing federations, clubs, rules,
venues, articles, and news.
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Scuba Diving

Scuba Diving Web Sites

Scuba Doll

A directory of resources on the Web for
Scuba Divers including certifying agencies,
destinations, hyperbaric chambers, technical
diving information, specialty diving skills, and more.

Diving History Web Site

Articles about skin diving and scuba diving history,
an historic timeline, a scuba diving hall of fame,
and a museum. Scuba Diving Web Site

Articles and information about scuba diving
from the scuba diving editor and guide.

Scuba Diving Organizations

Divers Alert Network (DAN)

The “Divers Alert Network” is a non-profit medical and research organization
dedicated to the safety and health of recreational
scuba divers.


Official Web site for the World Underwater Federation, also
known as the “Confederation
Mondiale des Activities Subaquatiques”, which is
an international umbrella organization for scuba diver training


Official Web site for the Professional Association of
Diving Instructors.


Official Web site for the U.S. based National
Association of Underwater Instructors.

Historical Diving Society

A United States based organization founded in 1992
to investigate, record, and preserve diving history.

Directories of Scuba Diving Web Sites

Open Directory on Scuba Diving

Yahoo Scuba Diving Directory

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