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Facts and general information about the sport of sambo wrestling
and where to find sambo wrestling resources on the Internet.
SAMBO is a russian martial art and combat sport developed
in the early 1920’s by the Soviet Army to improve their
hand-to-hand combat skills. The name of the sport has been
the topic of controversy because of its meanings in
Sweden and the United States, but it is actually an acronym for
the Russian laguage phrase: “SAMozashchita Bez Oruzhiya”,
which translates to
“self defense without weapons”.
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SAMBO Wrestling

Wikipedia Introduction to SAMBO Wrestling

Article with information about SAMBO wrestling style,
uniforms, ranking, the history of the sport, the World
SAMBO Championships, the FIAS hall of Fame,
practitioners, and the controversy surrounding
the sport’s name.

Russian SAMBO Pictures

An onine photo album with pictures of SAMBO wrestling

SAMBO Organizations

International SAMBO Federation (FIAS

Organization founded to develop the sport of SAMBO wrestling
around the world.
Member of the Association for
International Sports for All (TAFISA),
the SportAccord organization,
and the World Anti Doping Agency (WADA).

Asian SAMBO Federation

United States Combat SAMBO Association

Ukraine Combat SAMBO Federatione

Commonwealth SAMBO Association

Organization founded in 2012 to work in partnership with International SAMBO Federation (FIAS)
on the promotion and development of the sport of sambo wrestling in
Commonwealth of Nations member states, naitons, and territories.
Members include the Antigua and Barbuda SAMBO Federation,
Barbados SAMBO Federation, Botswana SAMBO Federation,
Ghana SAMBO Federation, Guyana SAMBO Federation,
India SAMBO Federation, Jamaica SAMBO Federation,
Mauritius SAMBO Federation, Nauru SAMBO Federation,
Seychelles SAMBO Federation, South Africa SAMBO Federation,
Tonga SAMBO Association, and the Trinidad-and-Tobago SAMBO
and Combat SAMBO Federation,

American SAMBO Association

Association of sambo schools, trainers, practiioners,
and others interested in the sport. Most of the organization’s
members are in the Untied States but a few are in
other countries.

Other SAMBO Resources

Combat SAMBO Panama

London Mixed Style SAMBO


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