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A general introduction to the sport of wrestling.
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Wrestling in the Olympic Games

Wrestling is one of the few sports that has been
included in every Olympic game since the very
first Olympics in 1896. Women’s wrestling
was added to the Olympics in 2004.
In 2012 or 2013 the members of the International Olympic
committee favored droppig wrestling from the 2020 Olympic
Games, sparking an active campaign by wrestlers and fans
to reinstate the sport.

Types of Wrestling

Pro Wrestling

Sumo Wrestling

Folk Wrestling

International Federation of Associated Wrestling Styles

The world governing body for the sport of wrestling
was founded in 1912.

Amateur Wrestling Photos and Techniques

Articles about wrestling, a gallery of wrestling
photos, and specific wrestling techniques
introduced through photos.

Amateur Wrestling News

The Web site for this hard-copy amateur wrestling
publication includes college and high school rankings,
event results, and a directory of wrestling camps.

National Wrestling Hall of Fame

this institution was founded to honor
outstanding wrestlers and preserve
the heritage of the sport. Located
in Stillwater, Oklahoma.

USA Wrestling Federation

National governing body for
freestyle wrestling and Greco-Roman wrestling
in the United States.

More Wrestling Resources

Open Directory of Wrestling Web Sites

Yahoo Directory of Wrestling Web Sites

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