All About Mountaineering

A general introduction to the sport of mountaineering and where to find
mountaineering Web sites on the Internet.
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Wikipedia Introduction to Mountaineering

Article with information about mountaineering and mountain climbing.
Includes techniques, snow climbing, glacier climbing, ice climbing
base camps, other shelters, hazards, places to climb, the history
of mountain climbing and about two styles of climbing, expedition
style and alpine style.

Peakware World Mountain Encyclopedia

A database of mountains around the world, photos
of those mountains, and facts such as the highest
mountains, highest unclimbed peaks, highest
active volcanoes, and information about mountain ranges.

Everest News

Articles, information and news about climbing
Mount Everest. Includes historical information
about past expeditions and sherpas,
and information about climbing mountains
near Everest.

A Guide to Mountain Climbing in Peru

An inroduction to climbing mountains
in Peru including Cordillera Blanca,
Arequipa,and Cusco.

Mountain Climbing Guides and Gear

A directory of mountain climbing guides
and expedition organizers in different
countries. Also includes questions
you should ask potential guides
before you hire them.

International Federation of Mountain Guides Associations

An organization based in Switzerland that was formed in
1966 to create standards for mountaineering guides
and to promote the exchange of ideas among the
mountain guides of the world.

Institute for Avalanche Research and Education

This insititute developes avalanche
training course standards and conducts
training sessions for avalanche instrucors.

International Mountaineering and Climbing Federation

British Mountaineering Council

Scotland Mountaineering Councl

Directories of Mountaineering Resources

Open Directory of Mountaineering Web Sites

Yahoo Directory of Climbing Web Sites

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