All About Hiking

A general introduction to the sport of hiking and where to find
hiking Web sites on the Internet.
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Wikipedia Introduction to Hiking

Article with general information about hiking including
hiking equiopment, etiquette, terminology, hazards,
types of hiking, hiking trails, related activities,
and the environmental impact of hiking.

Hiking Web Site

Articles and information about hiking including
how to get started hiking, an introduction to
backpacking, the equipment hikers use, and how to
deal with challenges such as lightning and bugs. Also
includes a directory of trails in the United States,
(Select “Table of Contents” to see everything
this site has to offer).

Day Hiker

Introductory information about day hiking including
how to pack for a day hike, how far you can
expect to go in a day,
and tips about shoes, socks, water, food, clothing,

Sierra Club

An organization founded to promote the enjoyment and
protection of wilderness areas all over the world.
Local chapters of the Sierra Club conduct hikes and
other outdoor adventures on a regular basis.

American Hiking Society

An advocacy group for hiking trails in the United States.
Lobbies the U.S. Congress and other organizations
to encourage the development and maintenance of hiking trails,
organizes National Trails Day,
and manages an alliance of hiking organizations.

Directories of Hiking Resources

Open Directory of Hiking Web Sites

Yahoo Directory of Hiking Web Sites

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