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All About Laser Games

Facts and general information about aser tag and other
laser games and where to find laser games resources on the Internet.
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Laser Games

Where to Play Laser Games

Information about laser games and laser tag facilities in
Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Singapore, the United Kingdom,
and the United States

Wikipedia Introduction to Laser Tag

Article with information about the hisory of the sport,
the mechanics of the game, specialty games, indoor and outdoor
equipment, competitions, ad local clubs.

Laser Games Organizations

Laser Tag Operators Association

Organization formed in February of 2013
after the former International Laser Tag Association shut down
after serving the community of laser tag centers, operators,
developers and vendors for more then 15 years.

Former Organization:

International Laser Tag Association

This trade organization for laser tag facility operators shut
down in 2013. Their web site included guidelines for starting
your own laser tag arena, a directory of arenas around the world,
and a forum for laser tag players.
Their Web site at is no longer online.

Laser Games Suppliers

Laser Quest

Official Web site for the laser tag game known
as “Laser Quest”. Site includes an introduction
to the gameand a directory of Laser Quest centers
around the world.

Zone Empire

Official Web site for “Zone Lazer Games”,manufacturer
of Darkzone, Megazone, Ultrazone, and Zone 3 laser
tag games.

Creative Works

Designer and builder of laser tag parks around the world.

Open Directory of Laser Games Manufacturers

More Laser Games Resources

Laser Tag Museum

Opened to the public on October 15, 2005. Located inside the
LaserBlaze facility at 4121 Shelbyville Road in
Saint Matthews Kentucky, a community east of Louisville.

Laser Tag Dot Com Web Site

Directories of Laser Games Web Sites

Open Directory on Laser Games

Yahoo directory of Laser Games Web Sites



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