Free Diving

All About Free Diving

A general introduction to the sport of free diving and where to find
free diving resources on the Internet.
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Free Diving

Free Diving Organizations

International Association for the Development of Freediving

An association founded in 1992 to organize
competions, recognize records, and promote
freediving education and standards.

British Freediving Association

An introduction to the sport of freediving plus news,
records, clubs, and competitions in the
United Kingdom.

Canadian Association of Freediving and Apnea

Includes information about recreational and
compettive freediving plus Canadian freediving
clubs, records, and events.

Free Diving Champions

Tanya Streete

Official Web site of multiple world record holding
freediver Tanya Streeter of the Caymen Islands.

Mehgan Heavey-Grier

Official Web site of United States
record holding freediver Mehgan Heavey-Grier.

More Free Diving Resources

Directories of Free Diving Web Sites

Open Directory of Free Diving Web Sites

Yahoo Directory of Snorkling and Free Diving

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