Local Dog Sledding Clubs

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African Dog Sledding Clubs

South Africa Dog Sledding Clubs
All Breeds Sledding Club

Asian Dog Sledding Clubs

Japan Dog Sledding Clubs
Matic Tail Sled Dog World

Caribbean Dog Sledding Clubs

Jamaica Dog Sledding Clubs
Jamaica Dogsled Team

European Dog Sledding Clubs

Finland Dog Sledding Clubs
Finnish Siberian Husky Club (Suomalainen Siperianhusky)

Iceland Dog Sledding Clubs
Draghundasport Iceland
Sledahundaklubbur Islands

Norway Dog Sledding Clubs
Hamar Trekkhundklubb
Norwegian Siberian Husky Club
Sledehundklubben Mush

Russia Dog Sledding Clubs
North Hope Sled Dog Center

Oceania Dog Sledding Clubs

Australia Dog Sledding Clubs
Altitude 5000 Sleddog Group
Canberra Sled Dog Club
Western Australian Sleddog Sports Association

New Zealand Dog Sledding Clubs
Central Territories Siberian Husky Club
Ridge Runners Sled Dog Racing Club

United States Dog Sledding Clubs

Alaska Dog Sledding Clubs
Alaska Dog Mushers Association
Alaska K-9 Weight Pull Association
Alaska Skijor and Pulk Association
Alaskan Sled Dog and Racing Association
Aurora Dog Mushers club
Chugiak Dog Mushers Association
Fairbanks Junior Dog Mushers Association
Montana Creek Dog Mushers Association
Nome Kennel Club
Peninsula Sled Dog and Racing Association
Second Chance League
Tanana Dog Mushers Association
Two Rivers Dog Mushers Association
Willow Dog Mushers Association

Arizona Dog Sledding Clubs
Arizona Mountain Mushers

California Dog Sledding Clubs
Sierra Nevada Dog Drivers
Rescue Organizations:
Northern California Sled Dog Rescue

Colorado Dog Sledding Clubs
Colorado Mountain Mushers
Rocky Mountain Mushers Sled Dog Club
Rocky Mountain Sled Dog Club

Illinois Dog Sledding Clubs
Green Dog Drivers

Maine Dog Sledding Clubs
Down East Sled Dog Club

Massachusetts Dog Sledding Clubs
Boston Snow Dogs
Yankee Siberian Husky Club

Michigan Dog Sledding Clubs
Great Lakes Sled Dog Association
Michigan Dog Drivers Association
Mid Unio Sled Haulers
Upper Peninsula Sled Dog Association

Minnesota Dog Sledding Clubs
Midwest Skijorers Club
Minnesota Malamute Club
North Star Sled Dog Club

Missouri Dog Sledding Clubs
Gateway Sled Dog Club

Montana Dog Sledding Clubs
Bitterroot Musers
Montana Mountain Bushers

New Hampshire Dog Sledding Clubs
New England Sled Dog Club
New Hampshire Mushers Association

New Jersey Dog Sledding Clubs
Jersey Sands Sled Dog Racing Association
New Jersey Sled Dog Club

New York Dog Sledding Clubs
Canadian American Sledders
Seneca Siberian Husky Club

Ohio Dog Sledding Clubs
Siberian Husky Club of Greater Cleveland

Oregon Dog Sledding Clubs
Cascade Sled Dog Club
Pacific Sled Dog and Skijor Association

Pennsylvania Dog Sledding Clubs
Pennsylvaia Sled Dog Club
Rescue Organizations:
Delaware Valley Siberian Husky Rescue
Harnessed to Hope Northern Breed Rescue
Tails of the Tundra Siberian Husky Rescue

Vermont Dog Sledding Clubs
Vermont Mushers Association

Virginia Dog Sledding Clubs
Blue Ridge Dryland Mushers Sled Dog Club
Siberian Husky Assist

Washington State Dog Sledding Clubs
Inland Empire Sled Dog Association
K9 Scooters Northwest Club
Northwest Sleddog Association

Wisconsin Dog Sledding Clubs
Alaskan Malamute Club of Wisconsin
Dog Federation of Wisconsin
Northcentral Working Dog Club
Trailblazers Sled Dog Club
Tri State Alaskan Malamute Club
Northern Wisconsin Dog Mushers Association

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