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Cave Diving: Diver Emerging from an Underwater Cave

Cave Diving Organizations

Australia Cave Divers Association

An cave diving advocacy organization formed in 1973
to support and and promote safe cave diving in Australia.
Includes a list of Australian cave diving sites,
a photo gallery, instructor directory, and general
information about cave diving in Australia.

Mexico Profundo

The full name of this organization is
“El Proyecto de Buceo Espeleologico Mexico y America Central”.
It was founded in 1982 to advance knowledge about the water filled
caves and related features in Mexico and Central America.

Great Britain Cave Diving Group

Articles and information about
cave-diving in the United Kingdom.
Also includes photos,
a history of the group,
news, diving conditions, and contacts.

Rob Palmer Blue Hole Foundation

Organization decicated to scientific and physical exploration
of water filled caves within the Bahamas and the environment
surrounding those caves.

U.S. National Association for Cave Diving

United States organization founded in 1968 to achieve
safer cave diving through training, education, exploration,
and research. They also establish and maintain physical and
psychological guidelines and standards for equipment and techniques.

U.S. National Speleological Society: Cave Diving

Official Web site of the cave diving section of the
USA-based National Speleological Society.

More Cave Diving Resources

Cave Diving Dot Com

A web site produced by Florida cave diving instructor
Johnny Richards, with an introduction to cave diving,
cave diving spots, tutorials, safety guidelines,
and information about cave diving lessons and trips.

Cave Diving Tours and Training

BOTW Directory of Cave Diving Tours and Training

Open Directory of Cave Diving Web Sites

More Cave Diving Web Sites


Cave Diver’s Forum


Cave Diving Dot GR


European Karst Plain Project


Grupo de Exploracion Ox Bel Ha


Local Gringo Cave Diving Safety and Exploration


Quintana Roo Speleological Survey


North Florida Cave and Technical Divers

Directories of Cave Diving Web Sites

BOTW Directory of Cave Diving Web Sites

Open Directory of Cave Diving Tours and Training

Yahoo Directory of Cave Diving Web Sites

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