All About Zorbing

A general introduction to zorbing, a sport also known as
globe riding, sphereing, and orbing. The sport involves
either rolling downhill inside an orb,
rolling around on water inside an floatable sphere,
or playing a game on land while rolling around
inside a metal sphere.
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Downhill Zorbing

Downhill Zorbing

Flatland Zorbing

Flatland Zorbing

Water Zorbing

Water Zorbing

Introduction to Zorbing

Wikipedia Introduction to Zorbing

Article with information about zorbing history,
facilities, records, deaths, and zorbing in popular culture.

A Zorbing Death in the Caucasus Mountains (Video)

This is an actual video clip of a fatal downhill zorbing accident
in the Caucasus Mountains. We are including this video at the top
of our zorbing page to highlight the fact that downhill zorbing
can be a very dangerous sport, even with safety nets are used.

Types of Zorbing

Downhill Zorbing

Flatland Zorbing

Water Zorbing

Zorbing Orbs

Types of Zorbing Spheres

Hamster Ball

Water Ball

Atlasphere Ball

Downhill Revolution Orbs

Germany maker of transparent downhill orbs.
Their Web site includes company background,
information about their product line,
testimonials, news, pictures, videos, and
Downhill Revolution zorbing recreational
facilities in Australia, Europe, and
the United States.See also their

Spinfizz Facebook Page

OGO Orbs

New Zealand maker of transparent zorbing spheres that are
approximately 11 feet in diameters. Their Web site
includes general information about the company,
photos, videos, and OGO zorbing recreational facilities
in several countries.


Eastern European supplier of zorbing orbs.

Z-Orb Russia

Z-Orb Latvia

Z-Orb UK

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