All About Yoga

A general introduction
to the sport of yoga and resources on the Web such
as federations, clubs, rules, venues, articles, and news.


Kathie’s Yoga Shop

Where to buy yoga equipment, gear and supplies
online and information about “how to yoga” books
and videos demonstrating yoga poses.

Yoga Age

English language translations of classic yoga texts,
yoga articles and news, and directories of yoga
studios and retreats.

The Yoga Site

The Web site for this yoga shop also includes
yoga articles, an instructor directory, and
information about yoga postures, meditation,
therapy, and styles. Also includes frequently asked questions
about yoga.

Yoga Web Site at

Articles and information about yoga
from the yoga guide.

Yoga Research and Education Center

An institute established in 1996 to promote
the teaching of yoga. The institute is
located in Ukiah, Northern California USA

Directories of Yoga Web Sites

Open Directory of Yoga Web Sites

Yahoo Directory of Yoga Web Sites

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