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A general introduction to the sport of wushu
and where to find wushu Web sites on the Internet.
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Wikipedia Introduction to Wushu

Article with general information about Wusu and
information about the history of the sport,
competitions, barehanded wushu, short weapons wushu,
long weapons wushu, other routines, and wushu training

International Wushu Federation

Beijing based sports organization established during
the 11th Asian Summer Games in 1990 to promote the
sport of competitive wushu.

Continental Wushu Federations

European Wushu Federation

European National Wushu Federations

Oceania Wushu Federation

West Asia Wushu Federation

National Wushu Federations

Andorra Wushu Federation

Estonia Wushu-Kungfu Federation

Finnish Wushu Federation

Greek Wushu Kung Fu Federation

India Wushu Federation

Japan Wushu Taijiquan Federation

Singapore Wushu Dragon and Lion Dance Federation

United States Wushu-KungFu Federation

Other Wushu Resources

Beijing Wushu Team

Internationally famous wushu team founded in 1974
that is based in Beijing, China. Known for their
performances at events on the Beijing Wushu Team Tour.

Directories of Wushu Web Sites

Open Directory of Wushu Web Sites

Yahoo Directory of Wushu Web Sites

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