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A general introduction to the sport of winter triathlon
and where to find winter triathlon Web sites on the Internet.
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Winter Triathlon

Wikipedia Introduction to Winter Triathlon

Brief article with general information about
the sport of winter triathlon.

International Triathlon Union

International governing body for the sport of triathlon.
Recognized by the International Olympic Committee.

ITU on Winter Triathlons

Information about winter triathlons all over
the world, from the International Triathlon Union.

Winter Triathlon Comes to the Southern Hemisphere

An article in Inside Triathlon Magazine
about an August 2005 winter triathlon in
the city of Ushuaia, Tierra del Fuego,
Patagonia, Argentina. The event included
a 6k run, a 10k mountain biking event,
and 9k of cross-country skiing.

2001 U.S. Winter Triathlon Championships

This championship event took place at Snow Mountain
Ranch in Colorado USA in February of 2001. Events
included a 10k run, a 20k mountain biking event,
and a 10k skate ski competition.

2000 European Winter Triathlon Championships

This European championship event took place
in Donovaly, Slovakia in February of 2000
and it included a 9k run, a 15k mountain
bike competition, and 12k of crosscountry

Ice Man Winter Triathlon

This winter triathlon takes place in Prince George,
British Colombia, Canada and it includes
an 8k freestyle skiing event,
a 10k run, a 5k ice skating event,
and 800 meters of swimming.

Methow Winter Triathlon

A winter triathlon in the Methow Valley of
Washington State USA. The event
includes a 12k bike ride, a 20k skiing event,
and an 8k run.

Open Directory of Winter Triathlon Web Sites

Includes Webs sites for winter marathon events
and Web sites about cross country skiing,
mountain biking, and trail running.

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