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All About Winter Biathlon

A general introduction to the sport of winter biathlon
and where to find winter biathlon Web sites on the Internet.

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Winter Biathlon

Wikipedia Introduction to Biathlon

Article with information about winter biathlon’s
history, governing body, championships, rules,
equiopment, skiing details, shooting details,
competition format, and biathlon venues,
records, statistics, and variants.
Also has some information about summer biathlon.

International Biathlon Union

International governing body for the sport of biathlon.
Founded in 1993 and based in Salzburg, Austria.

History of Biathlon

Article on the U.S. Biathlon Web Site

Biathlon by Country

Austria Biathlon

Eisenerz Biathlon Training Center

Ramsau-Dachstein Biathlon Training Center

Obertilliach Biathlon Training Center

Hochfilzen Biathlon Training Center

Belarus Biathlon

Biathlon Federation of Belarus

Bulgaria Biathlon

Beimeken Biathlon Training Center

Canada Biathlon

Biathlon Canada

Finland Biathlon

Finnish Biathlon Association

Kontiolahti Biathlon Training Center

Vuokatti Biathlon Training Center

Muonio Olos Biathlon Training Center

France Biathlon

Biathlon France

Russia Biathlon

Russian Biathlon Union

Biathlon Russia Web Site

Ukraine Biathlon

Ukraine Biathlon Federatoin

United States Biathlon

United States Biathlon Federation

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