All About Windsurfing

A general introduction
to the sport of windsurfing and resources on the Web such
as federations, clubs, rules, venues, articles, and news.


Wikipedia Introduction to Windsurfing

Article with information about the history of windsurfing and
information about the sport’s equipment requirements,
learning to windsurf, youth windsurfing, and types of windsurfing

Windsurfing Organizations

International Windsurfing Association

Organization founded in January of 2001 to unite the sport of
windsurfing, to provide a focal point for windsurfing information,
and to provide a central administration for competitive windsurfing.

National Windsurfing Associations

Windsurfing Events

PWA World Tour

International, competitive, windsurfing tour organized
by the Professional Windsurfers Association.

European Freestyle Pro Tour

European Freestyle Pro Kids Tour

Windsurfing Disciplines

Formula Windsurfing

Wikipedia “Formula Windsurfing” Article

Formula Windsurfing Web Site

IWA Formula Experience Web Site

Funboard Windsurfing

IWA International Funboard Class Association

Raceboard Windsurfing

International Raceboard Class Web Site

Speed Windsurfing

IWA: International Speed Windsurfing Web Page

More Windsurfing Resources

Directories of Windsurfing Web Sites

Open Directory of Windsurfing Web Sites

Yahoo Directory of Windsurfing Web Sites

World Windsurfing Directory

Other Windsurfing Web Sites

Windsurfing-Guide Dot Com

Regional Windsurfing Resources

African Windsurfing

Windsurfing Africa Dot Org

Asian Windsurfing


Windsurf and Kitesurf Boracay

Jibe’s Beach Club Windsurfing at Full Moon Beach

European Windsurfing

Open Directory of European Windsurfing Web Sites

Oceania Windsurfing

Second Wind Sailboard Shop of Australia

Windsurfing New Zealand

Pan American Windsurfing

Belize Windsurfing

Guatemala Windsurfing

USA: California Windsurfing

USA: California – Long Beach Windsurfing

USA: Hawaii Windsurfing

Windsurfing in the Americas

Windsurfers Argentina

Open Directory of Caribbean Windsurfing Web Sites

Open Directory of North American Windsurfing Web Sites

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