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A general introduction to the sport of tennis and where to find
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Weight Training

Wikipedia Introduction to Weight Training

Article with information about weight training
basic principles, comparison to other types of
strength training, comparison to isometric training,
the safe way to train with weights, weight
training equipment, types of weight training exercises,
health benefits, and information about maintaining proper form,
stretching, warming up, breathing, hydration and avoiding pain
during weight training sessions.

How Do We Get Stronger?

An introduction to weight training to build
muscle strength. Includes advice on how often
to train, the number of repetitions to do,
how long to pause between sets, and different
training systems. From NetFit.co.uk.

Dave Draper on Weight Training

Articles, tutorials, and information about weight
training for beginners and advanced athletes.
Includes descriptions of specific exercises and
sample training programs.

ExRx on Weight Training

A guide to weight training from the Web site
Exercise Prescription on the Net.
Select from the menu items on the left and right
side of the page. Note that if you select
“Weight Training” on this page you will
be sent back to the home page of the site.

Directories of Weight Training Resources

Open Directory of Weight Training Web Sites

Yahoo Directory of Weight Training Web Sites

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