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All About Tree Climbing

A general introduction to the tree climbing
and where to find tree climbing resources on the Internet.
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Tree Climbing

Tree Climbing Articles

Wikipedia Introduction to Tree Climbing

Article with general information about climbing trees,
the history of tree climbing, and tree climbing
techniques such as doubled rope, single rope,
and lead climbing.

How to Climb a Tree

Ambergris Caye: How to Climb a Coconut Tree

WikiHow: How to Climb a Tree: 8 Steps

Popular Mechanics: Climb a Tree with Ropes and Harnesses

A Year of Climbing Trees

Official Web site Norwegian artist Henrik G. Dahle, who
made a project out of climbing a tree every day for year.

Tree Climbing Organizations

Global Organization of Tree Climbers

Organization founded in 2007 to promote safe and
environmentally respectful tree climbing practices
for adventure, education, and recreation.

Tree Climber’s Coalition

Organization of recreational tree climbing enthusiasts
who would like to see recreational tree climbing receive credibility
and accreditation within the outdoor adventure community.
Another goal is to facilitate communication for canopy adventurers,
researchers and experiential educators.

Tree Climbing Events

International Tree Climbing Championships

Tree climbing competitions held in many different parts
of the world that are organized by
the International Society of Arboriculture.

Tree Climbing Equipment

New England Tree Climbing Association

Offers tree climbing classes and excursions in
Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire,
New Jersey, New York, AND Vermont.

Tree Climbers International

Recreational tree climbing school in Atlanta, Georgia
that also offers at-home courses.

New Tribe Tree Climbing Gear

Online shop offering tree climbing equipment
such as tree saddles for work and
recreational climbing, rope bags, line bags, screw links,
zip line harnesses, and other climbing supplies.

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