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Facts and general information about the top spinning
and where to find spinning top resources and supplies on the Internet.
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Top Spinning

Wikipedia Introduction to the Spinning Top

Article with information about the characteristics of a top
and the many different types of
tops, such as battling tops (Beigoma, Beyblade, Spin Fighter)
the dreidel, the gaming top, the levitating top, the six sided perinola,
the rattleback (aka celt), the Tippe top, the trompo, the whipping top
and the wizzzer.

IJMME “Revisiting the Spinning Top” Article

Scientific article by Christopher G. Provatidis of
The National Technical University of Athens, Greece.
Published in the International Journal of Material and
Mechanical Engineering.

Spinning Tops at

A collection of plastic, metal, and wooden spinning tops
available for purchase at

Types of Tops

Battling Tops Game (Ideal / Marx / Mattel)

Bauernroulette Game (German)

Dreidel (Jewish)

Gasing Pangkah Game (Malaysia)

Pininola (Latin American)


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