Team Handball

All About Team Handball

A general introduction to the sport of team handball and where to find
team handball Web sites on the Internet.
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Team Handball

Wikipedia Introduction to Team Handball

Article with general information about team handball and about the sport’s
origins, development, rules, playing field, goals, substitution area,
duration, referees, players, officials, ball, award throws, penalties,
formations, offensive play, defensive play, organizations,
attendance records and team handball commemorative coins

International Handball Federation

International governing body for the sport of competitive team handball.

Handball by Continent

African Handball Confederation

Asian Handball Federation

European Handball Federation

European Team Handball Champions League

Oceania Continent Handball Federation

Pan American Team Handball Federation

Handball by Country

Canada Team Handball

Canada Team Handball Federation

Alberta Team Handball Federation

Saskatchewan Team Handball Federation

Australian Team Handball Federation

United States Team Handball

United States Team Handball Federation

Denver Team Handball

Houston Firehawks Team Handball Club

Other Team Handball Resources

What is Team Handball?

A description of team handball, how the game is played,
and where it is played around the world.

Directories of Team Handball Resources

Open Directory of Team Handball Web Sites

Yahoo Directory of Team Handball Web Sites

Johann and Sandra’s Team Handball Directory

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