All About Tchoukball

Facts and general information about the sport of tchoukball
and where to find tchoukball resources on the Internet.
Tchoukball is pronounced something like “Chuke-Ball”.
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Introduction to Tchoukball

Wikipedia “Tchoukball” Article

Article with information about the sport’s history, rules,
positions, how to play the game, and international competitions.

Play Tchoukball Guide

The history and benefits of tchoukball, rules of the game,
and advice about techniques and tactics.

A description of tchoukball, rules of the game,
advantages of the sport, and a free downloadable copy
of Tchoukball inventor Hermann Brandt’s book entitled
“Critical Scientific Review of Team Sports”.

More Tchoukball Web Sites

PhotoTchouk Tchoukball Pictures

You Tchouk Wen Site

Tchoukball World Web site

Tchoukball Events

Bournemouth Beach Tchoukball Tournament

Geneva International Beach Tchoukball Tournament

Rimini International Beach Tchoukball Festival

Tchoukball Organizations

International Tchoukball Federation

World governing body for the sport of Tchoukball.

Asia Pacific Tchoukball Federation

Touchkball Associations by Country

Austrian Tchoukball Association

Belgium Tchoukball Federation

Canadian Tchoukball Association

France: Paris First TchoukBall Club

India Tchoukball Association

India: Maharashtra State Tchoukball Association

Italy Tchoukball Federation

Italy: Ferrara Tchoukball
(2011 Worlds)

Italy: Saronno Tchoukball Club

Singapore Tchoukball Association

Spain: Spanish Tchoukball Team

Swiss Tchoukball Federation

Taiwan Team Dominates Asia Championships

United Kingdom Tchoukball Association

United Kingdom: Portsmouth Tchoukball Club

United States Tchoukball Association

Other Tchoukball Resources

Directories of Tchoukball Web Sites

Open Directory on Tchoukball

Yahoo Tchoukball Directory

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