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All About Yo Yo Spinning

Information about yo yo spinning, yo yo tricks,
and yoyo resources on the Internet.


Kathie’s Yo Yo Shop

Where to buy a yo yo online and information about
“How to Yo Yo” books and video DVDs demonstrating
yo yo tricks.

Getting Started With a Yo Yo

How to prepare your yoyo and your hands to do
yoyo tricks. To learn the actual tricks,
select Tricks 1, 2, 3, and 4 from the red
menu at the top of the page.

Ken’s World on a String

YoYo tips, tricks, videos, reviews,
and frequently asked questions. Select
“Tricks” for beginner and advanced tricks,
trick components, picture tricks, free hand
tricks, and off string tricks.

Educational YoYo Activities for Kids

Ideas for using the yoyo as a teaching
aid in a classroom setting.

National YoYo Museum and Contest

Official Web site of the United States
National YoYo Museum and the National YoYo Contest.

Directories of Yo Yo Web Sites

Open Directory of YoYo Web Sites

Yahoo Directory of Yo Yo Web Sites

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