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An introduction to the sport of soft tennis.
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Wikipedia Introduction to Soft Tennis

International Soft Tennis Federation

National Soft Tennis Federations

Includes the national soft tennis federations of
China, Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, India,
Japan, Malaysia, the Netherlands, Peru, Philippines,
Poland, Scotland, Slovakia, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand,and the
United Kingdom,

Continental Soft Tennis Federations

Official Web sites of the Asian and European Soft Tennis Federations.

Soft Tennis Associations in India

West Bengal Soft Tennis Association

Madhya Pradesh Amateur Soft Tennis Association

Utar pradesh Amateur Soft Tennis Association

2011 World Soft Tennis Championships

The 14th edition of the Soft Tennis World Championships
took place October 27 through November 1, 2011
at the Mungyeong Citizen Tennis Court and Assistant Court
in Mungyeong, South Korea.

Soft Tennis Web Sites

Kenko Soft Tennis Shop

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