All About Snowshoeing

A general introduction to the sport of snowshoeing and where to find
snowshoeing Web sites on the Internet.
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Wikipedia Introduction to Snowshoe

Article with information about the development of snowshoes,
modern snowshoes, snowshoe bindings, accessories,
maintenance, and repairs, the benefits of snowshoeing,
recreational and competitive snowshoeing, and snowshoeing
techniques including turning, ascending, sdescending, and
breaking trails on new fallen snow.

Winter Hiking, Backpacking, and Snowshoeing

Information about winter hiking including snowshoeing
tips and techniques, winter outdoor gear, and information
about cold weather injuries including hypothermia.

Dan Beard Snowshoeing Articles

Introduction to Snowshoes

How to Use Snowshoes

How to Make Snowshoes

United States Snowshoe Association

An organization founded in 1977 to organize and sanction
snowshoe racing championships and other snow shoe events in the United
States. Site includes an event calendar, national teams,
race results, photos, and a forum for snowshoe racing discussions.

Empire State Snowshoe Racing Association

Information about the sport of snowshoe racing in
New York State nclduing an event calendar,
rules and regulations, and qualified athletes.

First Timer’s Guide to Snowshoeing

Directories of Snowshoeing Resources

Open Directory of Snowshoeing Web Sites

Yahoo Directory of Snowshoeing Web Sites

Snowshoe Magazine

History of the Snowshoe in Canada

Snowshoes Dot Net

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