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Information about snow kiting and where to find snow kiting
resources on the Internet.
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Snow Kiting

A Snowkiting School in France

One of the best places to learn snowkiting is at this
snow kiting school in the Espace San
Bernardo Ski area, Petit St. Bernard Pass,
in the community of Tarentaise, Savoie, France,
near the French-Italian border. The school
offers a discount to students staying at
L’Auberge Du Val Jo Ski Lodge and Restaurant

Wikipedia Introduction to Snowkiting

Article with information about the history of snowkiting,
snowkiting equipment, snowkiting resources on the Internet,
and sports related to snowkiting.

Snow Kiting Dot Com

General information snow kiting Web site with
“how to snow kite” articles, an introduction to
snowkiting gear, snowkiting news and stories,
and an online forum for snow kiting discussions.

Kite Team Dot RU

English language section of a Russian with
general snowkiting information, articles
about snow kiting equipment, and snow kiting tutorials.
Keep selecting the link to the right of “Next” at
the end of each article to see all of the English
language snow kiting information on this Web site.

Kittyhawk Introduction to Snowkiting

An introduction to snowkiting on the Florida-based
Kittyhawk Sports Kites Web site.

Kitemare: How to Buy a Snow Kite

The snow kite section of this kitesports school and retailer’s
Web site includes information about the type of sports kite
that is best for snowkiting.

Drifts Snowkiting Web Site

Blog style snowkiting Web site with sections that include
how to snowkite, snowkiting equipment,
snowkiting news, and snowkiting spots.

Wind Power Sports

Snowkite and other sports kite retailer based
in Grand Forks, North Dakota, United States.

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