All About Skydiving

A general introduction to the sport of skydiving and where to find
essential skydiving resources on the Internet.
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Drop Zone

Web site with articles and information about skydiving safety,
training,and gear. Also incldues a database of
skydiving spots aorund the world, classified ads,
an event calendar, skydiving photos, news, interviews,
and a forum for skydiving discussions.

Story of a Skydiver’s First Jump

David Kirke talks about what it was like to
jump out of an airplane with a parachute for the
very first time.

Skydiving FAQ

Frequently asked questions about skydiving and
parachuting jumping.

World Freefall Convention

An skydiving competition and expo
that takes place every year in Illinois USA.

Directories of Skydiving Resources

Open Directory of Skydiving Web Sites

Yahoo Directory of Skydiving Web Sites

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