All About Skiing

A general introduction to the sport of skiing and resources
on the Web such as federations, clubs, rules, venues, articles,
and news.
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International Skiing Federation (FIS)

The “Federation Internationale de Ski” is the
world governing body for the sport of skiing,
and it was founded in 1924. Site inludes
rules, skiing disciplines, news, event results,
and general information about the sport of skiing.

Skiing around the World

Skiing in Africa

Skiing in Asia

Skiing in Europe

Skiing in Pan America

If You Ski

Information about skiing technique, competitions,
ski resorts, equipment information, skiing news,
event announcements, and snow reports. – Skiing

Articles, news, and information about
skiing from the skiing guide at
Includes a forum for discussions about skiing.

Skiing Magazine

The Web site for this hard-copy skiing magazine
includes articles about skiing technique,
off-ski training, and places to ski.

Ski Maps

Maps and descriptions of ski resorts around the world,
news about skiing, and a forum for skiing discussions.

Go Ski

A directory of ski resorts around the world.
Select a country on the left menu to see a
directory of ski resorts in that county.

Skiing Disciplines:

Alpine Skiing

Backcountry Skiing


Cross Country Skiing

Freestyle Skiing

Grass Skiing

Nordic Combined Skiing

Roller Skiing


Ski Flying


Ski Jumping

Ski Touring

Speed Skiing

Telemark Skiing

More Skiing Resources on the Web

Open Directory of Skiing Web sites

Yahoo Directory of Skiing Web Sites

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