Shot Put

All About Shot Put

A general introduction to the sport of shot put and where to find
shot put Web sites on the Internet.
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Shot Put

Shot Put Information

An introduction to shot put beginners in the sport. Includes
throwing techniques, shotput drills, the history of
shot put, safety tips, competition rules, and how to
make a proper shot put circle.

Shot Put Technique Photos

Photos sequences of champion shot put athletes
in action. Studying these photos can provide
valuable insight to shot put throwers and coaches.

Be the Shot Put Champ

How to transfer strength through the legs,
arms,and fingers to throw a shot, from
the british Broadcasting Corporation Sports Academy.

Thrower’s Page Shot Put Introduction

Pictures of champion shot put athletes from
the past and basic shot put techniques,

Directories of Shot Put Resources

Open Directory on Track and Field Throws

Yahoo Shot Put Directory

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